Here are some bedroom fireplace ideas you can use to make the most of the fireplace you have in your bedroom. It will not only radiate heat to keep you warm. The bedroom fireplace will also look good and add to your bedroom interior decorating style.

The mantel and space on top of your bedroom fireplace will be the focal point in your bedroom. Therefore, you must design it in the manner that it will reflect your personality. The mantel can also serve as the podium for some pieces of decor in your room.

The most common decor for the fireplace mantel is a painting flanked by two matching candlesticks or vases. This arrangement usually works for most homes but you can get more creative to come up with a unique style that will show who you are because this is your room. Rather than using the traditional artwork above your fireplace, why not use photographs, mementos, or your collections, like small figurines, for a more personalized touch.

Select fireplace accessories, such as a grate and tools that complement your bedroom interior decorating style. If your room is modern, choose modern accessories. There are a large variety of fireplace accessories to choose from online and in stores.

When you are not using your bedroom fireplace, it has the tendency to look like a gloomy hollow space from across the room. To add life to it and make it look interesting, you can place decorative candles, in different sizes and shapes, in front of the grate. The effect would be casual or country look. On the other hand, if you want an elegant look, choose candles in various sizes but in one color only. Apart from the candles, dried flowers and pine cones are two other great items for making things look lively.

Now that you’ve gotten a few bedroom fireplace ideas for your home, you’re ready to improve your living space into a more polished and sophisticated look.