Selecting the best paint color for your bedroom is not a daunting task as long as you are creative. Whether you want to create a certain ambiance or style for your room or you want to transform it to something unique, you will be able to come up with the right paint color blends that will achieve the design that you want. But whatever bedroom paint colors you choose, take note that the size of your room must be your main consideration when choosing a shade.

If you have a large bedroom, the bedroom paint colors that you must consider are the vibrant ones. Small rooms usually call for the lighter pastel shades because they give the impression of space. Soft pink and lilacs are the most favorite pastels in this regard. Other colors that are best for small bedrooms are cream and cool green. Now, if you want a subdued bedroom paint color scheme, go for golds, tans, grays, and pale browns.

There are people who are not afraid to try the bolder bedroom paint colors. Some may be satisfied with this color scheme but generally, this is not advisable because the feeling that they create is overwhelming. And this is the reason why pastel shades are still the better choice. They do not only give a mellow look but they can also make the room airy and appear larger than its original size.

At any rate, the 5 most popular bedroom paint colors are as follows:
1.    Blue
2.    Pink
3.    Yellow
4.    Orange
5.    Green

Commonly, people prefer pink especially for a girl’s bedroom and blue is always assigned to boy’s room. While the green like the yellow is a bright color that can easily be mixed and matched with other colors inside the room. Matching one or two shades together will make your room unique and attractive, so give it a try.

Likewise, opting for your favorite bedroom paint colors is still the best way to go. And using two-toned painting techniques is good for highlighting your furniture pieces or artwork. But over-all, when selecting the right paint and painting technique for your room, make sure to go for the one that meets your requirements.