Bedroom interior decorating photos can provide you with the inspiration you need to create a room that fits your personality and style. Using bedroom design and decorating photos not only gives you ideas for the room as a whole, but it also shows you individual bedroom furniture pieces you can purchase to create the look you want.

Here are three master bedroom interior decorating photos you can use to inspire your home decor project. These pictures show afforable design ideas you can incorporate on many home decorating budgets.

The first bedroom interior decorating photo features a very natural calming bedroom design photo. This bedroom features soft natural olive colored walls with a couple pieces of artwork over the bed. The owner of this master bedroom has purchased a couple of live potted plants and bouquets of flowers to bring an element of nature into the room. The dark bed frame features a white bedspread and a white couch at the foot of the bed. The red pillows on the bed and the couch offer a pop of color and draw your eyes into the room. The bed is flanked by two dresser bureaus that don’t match. And that’s okay. The dresser with mirror, the bed as well as the tables in the sitting area bring a cohesive look to the bedroom design.

The second in of the bedroom interior decorating photos is a bedroom that offers a very soft nautical feel with its white and blue color scheme. The walls are a taupe color providing a neutral yet strong backdrop for this master bedroom. The bed has a wicker headboard with creates a country element. The owner of this bedroom has chosen white end tables, lamp table and sitting chair to give the room an airy feel. The airy feel is also achieved with the white curtains and the white paint on the baseboards and around the window frames. Above the bed there are three wall art photos that keep in line with the room’s blue and white color scheme.

The third photo in this master bedroom interior decorating photos collection has a more masculine feel. The bed is a dark wood sleigh bed and features a white bedspread. The owner of this bedroom has given this room chocolate and blue accents with the comforter and pillows. The wall art draws from the colors in the pillows and comforter. The room in this bedroom interior decorating photo features lush green plants on the end tables, in the corner and on the cushioned bench on the foot of the bed. Hardwood floors gives this room a rustic feel and is softened by a rich dark brown carpet underneath the sleeping area of the room. One feature you’d also enjoy is the double glass doors that lead out to a patio and sitting area.

With these bedroom interior decorating photos you may find a few elements that you’d like to incorprate in your own room. Start your own home decorating project from scratch or choose a few ideas that can enhance the look and feel of your room.