Master bedroom decorating photos can be used as inspiration in finding your personal decor style. Whether the bedroom belongs to a single person or a couple, attention should be paid to creating a room that reflects the personality and tastes of its occupants.

Here are some master bedroom decorating photos to inspire your interior design project.

This luxury master bedroom features light blue walls and bed linen that complement each other. Classic touches to this master bedroom design include the four poster bed and the dark wood night stands. The gold tones in the bedding adds to the richness of the decor and contrast nicely with the lamps and picture frames on the night stand. The gold drapery panel flanking the large window leaves an open view of the outdoors.

The luxury bedroom suite in this master bedroom decorating photo is airy and regal in its decor. The gold draperies stand out from the gray toned wall. The gold is also shown in the details of the pillows. The ceiling has recessed lighting set in diamond patterned sections. The couch and chair by the windows creates a cozy sitting area for reading and afternoon naps. Other touches around the room include flowers and green plants.

Taupe, green and off white are the main colors featured in this modern luxury master bedroom photo. The floral artwork over the headboard and the plants in the room provide an earthy touch that complements the green in the bedspread and pillows. The white comforter and and pillows brighten up the room while the opened shades stream in daylight. The dark night stands, truck and pillow accent provide the contrast. The lamps on the night stand gives off a soft glow that makes this room feel cozy and comfortable.