The French country bedroom is defined by its individuality, comfort and elegance. It is a mixture of cool tones and unique wooden furniture. It is a reflection of the French countryside, incorporated with elements that are a constant reminder of sunshine and green grass.

Today, French country design is one of the most popular decors and many people have found simple ways of including elements of this design into their bedrooms. The best way to design a French county bedroom is to pay special attention to details such as color scheme, linens, textures, shades and accessories.

There are many ways to create a French country bedroom. The first step is in the color palette. It is best to start with shades such as yellow, blue, dark green, rust or soft creme shades. Another important elements of this design is in the French country bedroom furniture. Chairs, tables and other fixtures should have unique hand carved accents. It is best to buy furniture that has an aged look or effect.

Old and new items can also be mixed in a French country bedroom. Vases, mirrors, candle-holders and rugs should have either details or colors that represent the French country bedroom style. There should be soft lighting to reflect a serene ambiance.

Another important aspect of this bedroom decor is in the choice of French country bed linens. There is a variety of options than can be used. Whites, floral, pink or green can all be used to design a French country bedroom. Light colors such as blue and white can be mixed with lace pillows, curtains and drapes. The linen should complement the colors on the wall, so if the wall colors are bright and sunny the linen should be a mix of cool colors. However, if the walls are of a cooler shade, then the curtains, valances, pillows and sheets should have a pop of color.