You can decorate a small bedroom and transform it into a comfortable, stylish space. Learning how to decorate a small bedroom will allow you to express your own style. It will also help you achieve a neat and organized room.

There are a few things to consider when you decorate a small bedroom. Here are some small bedroom decorating tips to consider. These will guide you on how to decorate a small bedroom and make the most of its limited space.

Paint an accent wall
Choose a bold paint color and apply it to one wall as part of your small bedroom decorating. The painted wall will serve as your accent wall and make your small room look larger. The overall impact of the accent wall is to create a room that is tastefully designed. Choose a color that complements the color scheme of the whole room. Otherwise, the accent wall will look out of place. Select solid bright or light colors such as yellow or pink, but never dark paint shades such as black, dark green or midnight blue because those tend to make a room appear smaller.

Furniture that fits
Another important aspect of small bedroom decorating is choosing furniture that will not overwhelm your room. You will want to walk around the room with ease rather than to bump into bulky furniture. The best choice is furniture with clean lines. This will give the room an airy, more open feel.

Windows and curtains
During your small bedroom decorating project, keep your windows open in order to have a good view of the outdoors. The view will create an impression of continuity thus, the room will feel larger. Choose blinds and sheer fabrics so even if you have to close the windows, you can still have a view of the outside.

Proper lighting
The last small bedroom decorating tip is to keep your room well lit. Dark rooms always look smaller so you should install enough lighting to make the space bright enough.