The beautiful and simple look of an Asian themed bedroom makes a calming and comforting place to sleep, relax and read. Here are a list of things you can use to create an Asian themed bedroom.


Mandarin Bedding Set

Choose an Asian-style inspiration. If you want a traditional Chinese style, you can put red and gold accents, silk textiles and lacquered black surfaces. Japanese styles range from modernized Tokyo selections of minimalism to Wabi-Sabi’s homely style. Go for a solid wood furnishings, ornamented textiles and a tropical or rain forest theme if you want an Indonesian look.

Paint the wall of your Asian themed bedroom with faded earth stones. This usually gives an ideal backdrop for an Asian themed bedroom and makes a tranquil and modern feeling. White paint with soft eggshell and distressed whitewashed antique would give the appeal of a Japanese farmhouse. A glossy black wall creates a leading-edge Japanese and Chinese aesthetic. The accent of the wall serves as the primary focus of an Asian themed bedroom.

Combine Asian-style furniture in your Asian themed bedroom. A minimal look of a simple platform bed topped with a futon mattress would be a great idea if you want an Asian inspired bedding. You can beautify it with a Wabi-Sabi piece such as a wood door painted in cream and white tones. Antiques combined with Asian inspired beddings would complete the look.

Flourish with nature-themed decoration. A perfect painting or frame of a beautiful blooming garden makes a perfect decoration to hang on your wall. If you want natural light to enter to your room, minimal wooden venetian blinds can be hung around your window frame or tri-fold Shoji screen. These will allow for some privacy to your Asian inspired bedroom.

Adorn the Asian themed bedroom with Asian crafts and arts like paper lantern, Balinese puppets, mosquito net and Japanese toys. You may also try a sari with vintage beads and mirrors for an Indian flair.



Attention to quality and exquisite detail is just part of the allure of the Mandarin Bedding Set. Its refreshing style has a sophisticated elegance and the detailed decorative pillows complete the look. For a little Asian flair to your home decor, order this set today.