There are a number of romantic bedroom decorating tips you can use to create a wonderful master bedroom space. You’ll enjoy this one room in your house where you can surely recharge after a long day.

Here are five romantic bedroom decorating ideas to make your room an haven for you and your partner:

1. Freshen the paint in your bedroom
The first step to romantic bedroom decorating is to start with the right paint color on the walls. Choose calming paint colors that best appeal to both you and your partner. You can also choose stylish wallpaper to give your soon-to-be love nest a fresh look.

2. Choose a bed
The perfect bed for the master bedroom is always a king size but a queen size bed is also a good choice if you have a small bedroom. For the mattress, pick one that will provide comfort for both you and your partner.

3. Bed covers and pillows
Satins and silks are the perfect fabric to use for bed covers and pillows when romantic bedroom decorating. Purchase pillows in different shapes, colors, and sizes for a really amorous ambiance. Choose colors that work with your room’s color scheme.

4. Fixtures and accessories
Give your room some color and interest with hanging artwork on the wall. Draperies and sheer curtains in vibrant colors will also add some color. Use of soft and dim lighting to set a romantic mood in the room. Soft lighting will spice up the atmosphere your room.

5. Add candles
Candles and romance always go together. Therefore, adding candles in different sizes, shapes, and colors in your room is another good romantic bedroom decorating idea. Choose various types of candles like the tea light, floating candles, and aromatic candles. Scatter them in the room and experience the warm glow and aromas that will surely set the mood for romance.

Using the romantic bedroom decorating ideas listed above, you can do so many things to make your love nest at home.