Having a luxurious master bedroom similar to the ones offered by fancy five-star hotels can now be a dream come true for you. The majestic look of a luxury master bedroom ranges from the bedding and flooring to the accessories and highly decorated deep-colored curtains. All of these many bedroom interior decorating ideas will bring comfort to your living environment.

Here are some features of a luxury master bedroom.

• The Walls and Woodwork. You can paint the luxury master bedroom with dark forest green, violet blue and deep maroon. Finish with an eggshell look to add a richness to the paint. You could also try painting with deeper shades to add additional depth and drama for a modernized luxury master bedroom look.

• The Beddings. The frame of the bed of a luxury master bedroom could be made up of walnut and heavy mahogany with detailed carvings or go for cast iron or bronze. Luxurious decorations and fabrics can be used to dress up a luxury bed linen with silk or velvet ruffles and pleats. A pile of pillows with gold threaded designs will complete the look of the luxury bed linen.

• Furniture. You can make use of elaborately carved wood dressers, round tables and chairs and place beside the bed. Side tables could be draped with fabric and add a porcelain or bronze table lamps on the top. Make use of marbled top bureaus for an added drama. The chairs could also be covered with embroidered seat cover. Hardcover vintage books can be placed on the table.

• Windows and Floors. Windows of luxury master bedrooms can be dressed up with heavy or dark silk fabrics, pull backs and tassels. Fabrics of the curtains could be made of lace with heavy drapes. For an vintage but luxurious appeal, the floor can be made up of hardwood matched with red Oriental rug.

• Accessories. Accessories are very important for every luxury bedroom. You can install vanity dressers with a set of antique jewelry box, mirror, hair brush and silver tray. For an added flair, accessorize with candles placed in a silver candle holders or porcelain.